Fundraising for "HUICHOLES"

The Huichol Home is an institution that supports the health and well-being of the Huichol group. This institution accommodates ill Huichol aboriginals in five different communities around the province of Jalisco, Mexico. The institution also supports bilingual staff, speaking both Spanish and the Huichol dialect, Wixarika.

The cost of medical care and accommodation in the city of Guadalajara is a major obstacle for the Huichol families. The Huichol families lack the necessary resources for medical care due lack of funding from the Mexican government

In order to support the Huichol people, the Huichol House creates aboriginal arts and crafts such as necklaces, bracelets, and sculptures. These artistic items are sold to various communities around Mexico, which contributes to the funding of the Huichol House. This is also a means by which the patients and their accompanying relatives are able to return to their home communities

Lab Art Show supports the Huichol Home, enabling the Mexican aboriginals to continue to conduct their traditions and customs while ensuring they receive the proper health services.

Join us at Lab Art to explore more of the Huichol Art and learn about their culture!